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All about the frosting.

October 9th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Lifestyle

Now that it’s October, I’m craving everything pumpkin, from beverages to food to the pumpkins themselves (the Cinderella ones, if you must know). I love to bake, and plan on incorporating many more foodie posts in the near future here on the blog. So, to fulfill those pumpkin cravings that I know you are also experiencing, I bring you a delicious and simple fall recipe idea.

I was inspired to make these while at Starbucks, enjoying pumpkin loaf, and wishing said loaf was a bit more decadent. For me, it’s often all about the frosting. I wanted something that was not quite a cupcake, but had a bit more oomph than a typical muffin. A bit savory, but also sweet.

And cream cheese. I love cream cheese (who doesn’t?). I wanted this to have cream cheese frosting.

So: I found a box mix of Trader Joe’s pumpkin loaf in my kitchen and proceeded to make gigantic muffins. Since frosting is key, I made this from scratch, and then piped that frosting on in thick, delicious swirls.

For the frosting, you will need: hand mixer, two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese, 1/2 cup softened butter, 2 to 3 cups confectioners’ sugar (up to your taste buds) and 1 tsp vanilla extract.

1. Cream together the cream cheese and softened butter using a hand mixer

2. Add the vanilla extract

3. Gradually add confectioners’ sugar, mixing after each cup.

After the muffins cool, pipe on a generous amount of frosting, working in circles from the outside in.

The result? A completely perfect fall breakfast… just add the espresso.

Note: unless super hungry, one of these muffins will definitely feed two.

 Bon appétit!


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  • Carole Barrese

    Look delicious. If I know this was happening at your home, I would have been knocking on your door.

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